Bishop’s chair

Upon the presbytery in the left corner, over a wooden platform that emphasizes its importance, the bishop’s chair is placed: the most important symbol of the Cathedral, which qualifies this church as the church of the bishop that “sits on the Chair” as the teachers of doctrine, the witness of faith in his capacity as pastor of the Christian community entrusted to him.
Made of inlaid wood with fine workmanship, the back of the Chair depicts St. Mary Magdalene. She was the first witness and announcer of the resurrection of Jesus (Mk. 16, 10); she is the woman whom Jesus had freed seven impure spirits from (Mk. 16: 9); she was among the women who remained at the feet of the Cross together with the Mother of Jesus (Jn. 19, 25).
It is obvious that there is the intention to address, through the experience of faith of Mary Magdalene, some fundamental characteristics that qualify the episcopal ministry: awareness of being a sinner in need of God’s mercy; undivided and faithful love for Jesus Christ; courage and determination in the witness and proclamation of the faith

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