5th chapel on the left

The other gift that the Virgin Mary has made the city of Savona is represented in the chapel of Mercy: in it the apparition of Mary, Mother of Mercy, to the Blessed Antonio Botta, is recalled; it took place not far from Savona, in the valley Letimbro, in March 1536.
The theme of the left transept chapel is therefore the Mercy: the tender, “visceral”, maternal, powerful, patient love of God for man.
Staying in this chapel is like diving into this deep sea that is the love of God for each one of us.
Meditation is helped by the two frescoes painted on the side walls. One of them depicts the encounter of Jesus with the children, while his disciples want to push them away. Jesus rebukes those zealous adults and clearly says that they must not prevent the children from coming near him; indeed “Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter in it” (cf. Mk. 10, 13-16).
It is wonderful the attitude of Jesus represented in the fresco. He expresses a tender affection for children and protects them from adults who want to push them away from him.
The left fresco depicts the episode where Jesus forgives the adulterous woman, that the self-righteous moralists of his time were ready to stone (cfr. Gv.8, 1-11).
In this case, together with the protective attitude of Jesus towards the woman prostrate on the ground, terrified and humiliated, all the peaceful and definitive power of the Divine Mercy is expressed, which reserves to itself the judgment of all consciousness: a judgment that is not influenced by anything, not even by the evidence of guilt. It is only sensitive to the urgency of Mercy in which humanity is immersed.

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