4th chapel on the right

The fourth chapel of the right aisle, dedicated to St. Augustine, mainly contains works by Paolo Gerolamo Brusco.
On the vault, a fresco depicting the glory of St. Augustine and the two paintings on the side walls with St. Peter (left, recognizable for keys) and St. Paul (right, recognizable by the book of the Epistles and by the sword; sign of his martyrdom in Rome).
Above the altar there is a valuable piece, work of G. Baglione (1575-1664), depicting St. Augustine.
At the top centre of the canvas, the Coronation of the Virgin by the Trinity; at the bottom, in the foreground, St. Augustine holding the book with his left arm, while the right indicates the Mystery represented above. To the left, signs that identify him as a bishop: the pastoral on the ground, and mitre, sustained by a cherub.
The subject of the artwork offers the holy Bishop and Doctor of the Church (S. Augustine) which invites us to look up to Heaven where Mary, assumed into heaven, is honoured (crowned) by the Divine Trinity.
The image of St. Augustine, in sculptural form, is also located between the four marble figures that adorn the front of the sanctuary Mensa.

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