4th chapel on the left

The chapel dedicated to “Our Lady of the column” has a very special meaning and importance not only for the Cathedral but for the people of Savona. The prodigious history of the image of Mary with the Child, to which the faithful have always had, since ancient times, a devotion and a special loving bond, binds deeply at the time when the present cathedral was built.
This picture, painted on a pillar of the church of St. Francis where the Cathedral had temporary headquarters, should have disappeared when the works started in the Franciscan church to make way for the present Cathedral.
The image was saved miraculously, and was preserved and then placed in the new cathedral.
This fact represents a deep bond between the Mother of Jesus Christ and the Church of Savona; it tells Her ancient and ever new link to the Christian community that has had, throughout history, prodigious signs of maternal benevolence from Her.
It is a precious jewel that recalls with particular force a bond that transcends time.

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