3rd chapel on the right

The Gavotti chapel still has a number of Marian themes.
On the altar, Our Lady of the Angels, of G. Baglione (1617), in which the Virgin is depicted according to the iconographic Immaculate characters, with the star crowned head (cf. Rev. 12) and venerated by the Angels (the artwork shows us Mary as “Regina Angelorum”, one of the names by which she is invoked in the Litany of Loreto). An interesting pictorial interpretation, which depicts Mary with unleashed hair and loose to the wind.

On the right wall, the Dream of Jacob (Gen 28: 10-12), by the same author.
On the left wall, Abraham visited by the Angels (Gen. 18: 1-15), by G. Lanfranco (1617).
These two biblical scenes from the Old Testament, regarding two of the main Patriarchs: Abraham, the father of generations, the chosen one by God to start the history of salvation; Jacob, called Israel, father of the founders of the twelve tribes of the Jewish people.

Both are depicted in the moment of their very special meetings with the Angels of the Lord.
On the vault, frescoes by Flaminio Allegrini (in the centre the Archangel Michael Defeating Satan, depicted as a dragon (cf. Rev. 12, 7-9)).

We are therefore in a context that presents the angels as faithful messengers of God and the powerful keepers of man who responds to God’s designs. On Angels and for the Angels Mary is constituted their Queen.

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