2nd chapel on the right

The second chapel is decorated with frescoes painted by G. Agostino Ratti in the mid-eighteenth century.
On the left wall is represented the Visitation (Lk. 1: 39-56) and on the right wall the Rest during the escape in Egypt.
These are two other moments of the sacred history with Mary as protagonist. Two episodes that speak of a young dynamic woman, in action: before, traveling to bring help to the elderly cousin Elizabeth who is about to give birth to a son; then, travelling tired and distressed, to rescue the baby Jesus, taking him away from the slaughter of the innocents ordered by the King Herod.
A set of actions that present Mary as the one who, in any situation, whether happy or dramatic, possesses in her “the Life”: Jesus Christ.

Another Marian artistic element to be noted is the gilded relief on slate depicting the Madonna and the Child; it is one of the keystones of the old cathedral that once stood on the Priamar.

The Sacred Heart placed on the altar decorated with marble inlays is realised by Paolo Gerolamo Brusco.
Next to the altar there are two statues: one depicts the king and prophet David (recognizable by the crown and the harp), the other to the right, the prophet Isaiah, who holds a scroll with the words: Ecce Virgo, the opening words of his prophecy about the birth of Christ. (Is. 7:14)

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