1st chapel on the right

The first chapel is entirely dedicated to Mary. Above the altar there is a canvas painted in tempera depicting Our Lady of Mercy (patron saint of the Diocese of Savona-Noli) by Agostino Ratti (sec. XVIII): it proposes with great delicacy the apparition of the Virgin Mary to the peasant, Antonio Botta, on the 18th of March 1536 at the nearby valley of Letimbro torrent.
On the lateral walls some frescoes reproduce two miracles of Our Lady of Mercy and, in the ceiling, the Glory of the Virgin.
In the Marian context of this chapel, the marble statue of the Charity deserves special attention: three children hold a young woman tight, one of whom is feeding at her breast. It is an expressive genre popular in Europe since the sixteenth century. This is not the depiction of the Virgin Mary but still expresses effectively the role that Mary has in the Church: to nourish his children of that spiritual milk that is knowledge, intimacy with Jesus, emerged from his mother’s womb.

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