The pulpit, hexagonal shaped with one side open, is currently located at the end of the central nave of the new Cathedral, leaning against the left pillar of the cross vault.
The five sides, interposed by angelic herms, enclosed the figures of the four Evangelists, among which fits St. Paul preaching to the crowd.
St. Mark, with the lion; St. Luke, with the bull; St. John the Evangelist, with the eagle; St. Matthew, with the angel, are well recognisable.
The four evangelists are represented full length, each one seated on a throne, which insists on a rocky base with beside their symbols.
St. Paul, identifiable by the long beard and thinning hair, stands above a quadrangular pulpit over a multitude of figures described with variety of attitudes and expressions.
Above these panels, stands the inscription: VIDETE FRATRES QUOMOODO CAUTE AMBULETIS NON QUASI INSIPIENTES SED UT – SAPIENTES REDINIENTES TEM/PUS MPUS Q(UONIA)M DlES MALI SUNT. In correspondence of the joint capitals, there is the repetition of a few letters and the cancellation of others.
The exhortation meaning of the inscription has to be referred to the depicted preaching of St. Paul.
Under the panels of the Evangelists, there is a series of small relief figures of saints (going clockwise from the side facing the presbytery: St. Peter, St. John the Baptist, St. Jerome, St. Gregory the Great, St. Augustine and St. Ambrose ).
The current marble staircase seems constituted by some original parts (support shelves).

The 18th of March, 1522, Antonio Maria Aprile and Giovanni Angelo Molinari undertook the construction of this pulpit, which has been collocated in its position two years later.
The pulpit was built between 1521 and 1525.
The Alizeri proposed hypothesis seems acceptable; according to him, the figures would have been due to Aprile (or at least his workshop), whilst it is likely that Giovanni Angelo Molinari was entrusted with the commissioning of the whole work and execution the ornaments.

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